Above Title: The Second Coming of Stevie-Ray

Thi above Stevie-Ray Vaughn canvas mural was created, hand painted for a private client in his home in Austin, Texas. It is titled The Second Coming of Stevie-Ray. Go to see painting.

We started by ordering the large canvas piece which measured 9 Ft. tall X 15 Ft. wide. It was located in the game room. What you see in the lower part of the murals is the actual pool table.

We stretched the canvas right on to the wall then trimmed it to fit the wall. Next we primed the canvas with gesso and let that dry for half a day.

Next, we sketched the buildings into place. The buildings represent the Austin skyline. Like most big cities Austin also has its distinctive buildings so  we used reference material for the building to keep them true to form. 

Next, we started painting the back ground which is a very dark-blue almost black with a hue of blue. 

Next, we painted the assorted buildings using a reference photo to keep the detail semi-accurate. Next we tightened-up the edges between the back ground and the buildings and proceeded to adding the detail to the buildings.

Next, we projected Stevie-Ray on to the canvas. We projected the image on to the wall to get the right size quicker so that we can proceed to painting. Stevie-Ray is about life size, around six feet tall. 

 In the front of the buildings you see lights reflecting off the Gualdalupe River that runs through downtown. This gave me the opportunity to add color and spark up the painting since it is mostly  in the dark because it is a night time scene.

Next, we started to put in the high-lights, tighten up everything added the glare coming off the the building lights. We used the airbrush for adding and softening some areas to suit our taste.

The owner of the home, who commissioned the piece, was a  serious Stevie-Ray fan. He was the one with the idea, I simply put it together and painted it for him. It is a very special , original piece of work. I had a lot of fun creating it. The whole piece is based on Stevie-Ray, and Austin was where he was well know and kind of got started.  

As you can see, Stevie-Ray is depicted descending from heaven playing his guitar as in a "Second Coming"

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 Custom, hand-painted canvas Stevie-Ray Vaughn Mural
 by Ray Gatica, GaticaArt.com