Murals and Big Art


    For over thirty years ‘artrepreneur’, artist, Ray Gatica's specialty has been custom, hand-painted murals, art and big architectural graphics

    Recently, he was contacted by a potential client from Atascocita, Texas, with an idea he had for a mural that would reflect his life of the past 30 years”.

    His idea was to have himself as a bartender in a bar, surrounded by friends/band members of bands mentioned below.

    The final painting includes various elements meaningful to the client. The client is the one behind the bar pouring drinks. For instance, at the top of the painting there is an airplane landing - this reflects the airplanes that fly over his house in Atascocita on a daily basis. And, he had worked as a bar tender/owner in Indiana, along with being a music promoter and had worked with bands like the Nelson Twins, Cheap Trick, Survivor, and other bands mentioned below.

    The characters in the painting are friends/band members which include: The Nelson twins (Mathew and Gunner); Jason Bonom, son of John Bonom;  Jackson Spire, AKA Thunder foot drummer for Black Foot, Rick Nielson (Cheap Trick), Gay Richlath (REO Speed Wagon); Jimi Jamison, of Survivor, sang Eye of the Tiger on Rocky IV); Dave Huebeck (Molly Hatchet); Jonny Gee (Ted Nugent’s bassist);  Ricky Beneck (Mitch Rider & Road Master). 

     At the right end of the painting are his parents and daughter eating at a favorite diner; and, at the left end - is an ex-girlfriend who shall remain nameless, as a mystery woman friend.  

    The final canvas size was approximately 17’ wide, by approximately 5’ high and tapered down to 30 inches” on one side and 23 inches at the other.

    The artist painted the piece at his home-based studio and when completed, the artist delivered the piece to the client’s home and stretched and fitted the canvas to fit the custom shape wall space. 

     “This was a very special artistic piece that does not take place every day. The client was pleased and has become a friend”, says the artist.


The artist can be contacted via phone, 281-441-9714 or email: