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More Notable Clients 2018

Some of our Notable clients we have worked with in the past few years include:

RELIANT STADIUM/TEXANS Stadium, where we painted about, approximately, 20,000 square feet of interior design graphics. 

  Houston SPCA, subcontracting with an architectural firm we hand painted around 4000 square feet of architectural graphics. 

Katy ISD, Miller Tech Contracting under an archetural firm, building we painted around 5000 square feet of various automotive marques/logo in the new addition of he automotive shop as architectural, interior design graphics at the newly added automotive shops.  

Houston Independent School District:
Forest Brook Middle School, Houston, TX; 

Lamar Independent School District: George Ranch High School (GRHS), in Rosenberg, Texas. The school provided ideas and designated the places  for us to paint - we took it from there. The project took around 8 weeks. Go to see GRHS project.

As part of the same project we did the following Junior High School
Antoinette Reading Jr. High
, Rosenberg. TX  A part of the above projects at GRHS, above.

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We specialize in, custom, hand-painting large architectural graphics, murals and signage.  

We create them indoors or out. This one was an exterior Mural, 3 stories tall, at Baytown Seafood.