Above: KIDZ GRAPHICS: We also get called upon to paint kid's graphics like the ones seen here. These are but a few on these kinds of things we have done.


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Kid's Graphics & Game-Room Murals   
Room Name Graphics,  and Game Room Murals, Houston TX. 
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Above: Airbrushed Game Room Mural for kid's game room.

 We start by sketching a couple of ideas. Then we stat painting on the wall. First we paint the majority of the images with latex paints using conventional brushes and rollers. After the base colors dry we use the airbrush with acrylic [paints  to give the overall work an airbrushed feel, with soft edges, shadows and highlights and other special effect that only be created with the airbrush.

Kid's game room Murals Art and Graphics by Houston Artist/ Custom Painter.

Above:  This mural was created in Rosenberg, TX in a model home for an Interior Design company, Kathy Andrews Interiors. It was also a game room mural.

Below: The above mural is different from the below one which was painted in a residence in Splendora, TX. as a game room mural.

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Above: Large Airbrushed kid's Mural painted on wall of school is Fun, Colorful, and Stimulating. Oakville TX. The overall piece is approximately 7' high X 20' wide'.

   The murals are painted with child safe latex and acrylic paints. I usually paint all the major parts with a brush or roller and then use the airbrush to soften shadows and edges. Ultimately, it gives the art a soft, three-dimensional effect that reflects my style without the overspray.

     These kidz murals are fun for kids and act as conversation pieces and something they can show off to their friends. And, you know they like that! .