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Some lesser complicated faux finish and decorative techniques that most people can handle are sponging, color washing, dragging, stippling and dry brushing. Usually it is advisable to apply a clear top- coat to finish; this serves to add extra protection to the design and give an even sheen to the whole wall.

Faux finish techniques vary in the way they are applied, paint color combinations, and tools and equipment used for the application. The tools and equipment vary from regular smooth sponges; sea sponges the ones which are porous and irregular shaped, rags ? to spatulas and trowels.

They all create and leave their own unique mark and stamp, impression if you will? And that is what makes them different and enjoyable to work with because you can play around with and experiment and see the different techniques they create. One who is the business can usually tell them apart just by looking at the final picture.

Even though faux painting and decorative painting does not require any special training, it is advisable to practice a bit with the tools. And having an imagination and a little artistic ability will also help. But like I always tell clients, what the worst that can happen? You just have to start all over if you simply can hot live with the results of your labor.

Usually to get the most out of your faux finish is to use at least two complementary colors. Home and paint centers can assist you in this. They will have an array of color swatches along with complimentary colors you can pick from. There are also books that you can buy to help you along with designing the project.

They also have all the tools mentioned above to start your decorative painting project including, inexpensive practice boards that you can practice before going at it on the wall. Practicing will help you build your confidence.

Of course, these faux techniques run from simple, which novices can create themselves to - more sophisticated, complex, stylized techniques that might require more experience. In some cases the job requires scaffolding in a case like this it is better to hire a professional.

If you are not the get dirty and painted up type, there are artists, decorative painters, faux painters that are available to help. ?A big plus with this is that they have seen so many ideas in the field that they are able to assist you in coming up with fresh, artistic ideas for decorating your home?, says Ray Gatica from, out of Houston, Texas, ?and because Of the experience in working with interior designer, architects, in new construction sites we see a lot of fresh, new ideas for decorating and can pass them on to the customer?.

Gatica?s faux painting experience comes from painting art where he simulates, stone pillars, old style stone, and bricks and incorporates it into his art. He has been painting art and big murals for over thirty years, with over 20 years? experience in working with interior designers, architects, commercial painting companies and working directly with private clients.

More complicated techniques will include: brushed metals & patinas, leather, Venetian plaster, tissue paper, textured stone, rolling and ragging, suede, Tuscan accents, faded fresco. Usually a clear top- coat is needed to these finishes to add extra protection and give an even sheen to the whole wall.

The bottom line is to have fun because decorative painting applications are a creative expression of your personal style. There is no right or wrong way or pattern for the above mentioned techniques?so be creative and decorate your walls while having fun; remember if something is not quite right it is not the end of the world - and you can call a professional or someone to help.  Also remember that for a simple transformation or fresh look these techniques are easy to paint over, there should be no need for sanding or stripping before repainting.

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