Commercial artist who specializes in hand-painting large mural works in the Houston, area gets called to paint Architectural Graphics, art murals large signage. Whatever you call them they make a business stand out from the surrounding, potential competition.  

The option is available to most business if the exterior texture wall allows it.  We have painted the exterior graphics on block and brick walls, stucco, metal and wood and hardy plank. We have worked on just about any surface, says muralist, Ray Gatica.

We have been contracted to work with architects, interior designers, private and commercial clients. Usually the client provides the design and we take it from there.  I am also available to help the client with designing. Sometimes they provide paint chips for the colors or allow me to handle that part too. Most of the time, they feel confidence in our experience and simply allow me to use my judgment, which they trust.   

Our latest project of this kind was for a past client, Buffalo Exchange, in Houston. While relocating their business here in Houston to a new location, they emailed me the multicolor- chevron design and asked us if it was something we could do for them. I assured them that it could be done.

The client provided the design and we took it from there to create the above colorful, stimulating architectural graphic. The brick wall dimensions were 15 Ft. high X 92 Ft. in length.

Some if the things we have painted on business buildings are 15 Ft. Tall Lettering that speeded out to span of about 100 feet.  The challenging part for this project was sizing up the letters and keeping them true to the font style. For this I still use the old over-head projector with the black and white transparencies. See this project at the following link.

Another thing along this line was hand painted large leaf pattern on an exterior of a  Federal Credit building in Katy TX. The same overhead projector method was used to layout the leaf patterns which varied in size from 7-8 to 17 feet in individual leaf size. The building height was 15 feet.  You can see this project here. Go to see samples of the above works.  The client was very pleased. In this case I never made contact with the client we just communicated over the phone and email.

This article is mostly for the exterior architectural graphics we have also been hired to do an array of interior mural graphics for a variety of schools, gyms and other businesses with similar success. Go to see samples of murals and graphics done at schools around the Houston area.

Even though as muralist, we have been creating these hand-painted murals and graphics for over thirty years I still find each project exciting with its own challenges and processes. I especially enjoy bringing the clients? ideas and visions to life and ultimately enjoy seeing the smile on their faces when they see the project completed and finalized and, is satisfactory to them.

?It surprises me that more businesses do not do more of these types of exciting exterior architectural graphics around the city?, says, Gatica, It would help their business stand-out from the crowded surrounding businesses, landscape.

See more of our works at  We are located in Humble, TX, and can be reached at 281-441-9714 or emailed at We offer free consultations.


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